Meet Dr. Noyan Aynechi

Noyan Aynechi, DDS, MS

Being a pediatric dentist is a privilege. To be part of a child’s life from an early age, and to have a hand in shaping the way that individual’s life can flourish, is a responsibility I take to heart.

I believe I can make a huge difference in little kids’ lives: teaching them good oral hygiene habits early on, and reinforcing those lessons with positive encouragement. My team and I teach our patients about good decision-making, and spend a lot of time talking about nutrition and behaviors, too. Providing judicious guidance and support, I believe, instills trust and sets a positive foundation for children’s feelings about dentistry and caring for their health.

Beyond dental health, I like to show children that they can work hard, study hard, and be whoever and whatever they want to be when they grow up. By being a strong female role model in my profession and in the community, I feel I show girls and boys that they too can reach for their dreams and achieve what they set out to do.

The practice name, Seedlings Kids Dentistry, reflects my conviction that every child who walks into the office is like a small seed: they need attentive, gentle nurturing to be able to grow and blossom. I am committed to being part of that process.

It is an honor to care for children. I cannot imagine a more humbling, inspiring way to spend my days. — Dr. Noyan

Education and Professional Memberships

After completing dental school, Dr. Noyan worked for two years in a general practice. During this time she realized her true passion was caring for pediatric patients so she decided to return to school. Dr. Noyan was accepted into a two-year comprehensive residency program at the University of Minnesota, where she completed a postgraduate master’s degree and her specialty certificate.

Dr. Noyan participates in numerous continuing education activities: attending meetings and lectures and completing a range of courses. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge keeps her at the forefront of emerging technologies and methodologies, and empowers her to deliver advanced care to her patients.

She is an active member of the:

Beyond the Practice

A southern California native, Dr. Noyan and her husband, an oral surgeon with his own practice in San Francisco, live in the city. The couple has two young daughters and a little Yorkie.

If not in the office, Dr. Noyan is most often found with her family. They love to travel, and expose their daughters to different cultures, experiences, and foods. Summer means lots of traveling and swimming, and winter brings snow skiing adventures.

Dr. Noyan loves to cook as well, and enjoys creating healthy meals for her family, along with crafting feasts for gatherings of family and friends.

Giving Back

Beyond caring for her family and her patients, Dr. Noyan regularly donates her services to help people who cannot afford dental care and offers dental education at local schools. She believes we all have a responsibility to provide help and support to one another, to create a healthier, stronger community for everyone.